Can Killua Beat Levi?

Can Tanjiro beat Levi?

Tanjiro is probably physically stronger than Levi by a decent margin due to the nature of his fighting style.

While Levi relies on ODM gear and momentum, Tanjiro moves with his whole body and cant rely on momentum to give his attacks more oomph..

Who can beat hisoka?

Chrollo is the leader of the Phantom Troupe and one of the most powerful characters in the entire Hunter x Hunter series. He is someone Hisoka wished to fight against and the two finally clashed at Heaven’s Arena. Chrollo emerged victorious in the battle, however, the two are evenly matched.

Could Levi kill King Kong?

His blades can cut Titan skin, so they won’t have trouble cutting Kong and should be able to last longer. Kong is not intelligent enough to predict Levi’s moves, not fast enough to catch him.

Who is GON’s mom?

Alicia FreecsHis mother is Alicia Freecs. She was a hunter and she died while exploring the dark continent. She and Ging met shortly after Ging became a hunter. They headed on many wonderful adventures together.

Who is stronger than killua?

Chrollo Lucilfer5 Stronger Than Killua: Chrollo Lucilfer Chrollo is, without a doubt, leagues above Killua in terms of skill. Even though Killua is fast, Chrollo was able to keep up with Zeno and Silva Zoldyck both at the same time, so there’s not much that Killua can do to him.

Who is stronger Eren or Levi?

In a one on one slug in normal Titan Form, Eren might win as he has some neat new powers. Eren is the most dangerous person in the world, though. But not because he can beat up anyone, per se. Eren wouldn’t need to do anything at all, Levi couldn’t even get close enough to do any damage.

Who can beat kurapika?

Feitan was the only one powerful enough to be able to fight against and defeat a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader. Unfortunately for him, Kurapika is unstoppable when faced by the members of the Phantom Troupe which means, strong as Feitan is, he stands absolutely no chance against him.

Is Illumi a girl?

AboutMy RatingName (English)Illumi ZoldyckName (Japanese)イルミ=ゾルディック, Irumi ZorudikkuStatusAliveGenderMale12 more rows

Who is the strongest Zoldyck?

Alluka Zoldyck1 Alluka Zoldyck Alluka is the second youngest child of Silva and is arguably the strongest member of the Zoldyck family.

Is killua the strongest in HXH?

Yes. He is one of the strongest of the Zoldyck family. He was raised to be taught many assassination tricks and techniques. When he ran away from home and took the Hunter Exam and completed it with Gon, Kurapika ,and Leorio.

Who can defeat Levi Ackerman?

3 Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail) Beats Levi With His Dragon Slayer Magic. There are many different types of magic in the world of Fairy Tail that would give Levi a difficult time, but none are quite as powerful as Natsu Dragneel’s Dragon Slayer Magic.

Is Eren stronger than Levi?

Levi is way more stronger than him and could easily take him down. But, if you’re talking about the current time-skip Eren, I would say Eren wins. Eren currently possesses the power of 3 titans, 2 of them being the strongest.

Does Levi hate Eren?

Levi doesn’t dislike Eren or Mikasa.

Who are the top 5 Nen users?

Hunter X Hunter: 10 Best Nen Users, Ranked1 Ging Freecss Demonstrated His Superb Control By Building The Game.2 Meruem Is Powerful Even With A Lack Of Time & Experience. … 3 Chrollo Lucilfer Can Adapt To A Variety Of Situations. … 4 Silva Zoldyck Can Switch Up His Nen Class. … 5 Zeno Zoldyck Held His Own Against Chrollo. … More items…•Feb 19, 2021

Is killua stronger than Netero?

Killua is known to be stronger than Gon, so imagine Adult Killua’s strength. Imagine Adult Killua Godspeed mode. Yeah it’s definitely stronger than Netero.

Who’s stronger Levi or Mikasa?

Hands down Levi. Mikasa is good but Levi’s speed and accuracy is far better than her. He is quick, has speed and accuracy. Erwin only trusted Levi when it came to kill the Beast Titan.

Is hisoka married to Illumi?

Hisoka and Illumi are engaged. Here are some beautiful pictures of their lives together. Illumi and Hisoka’s attempt to destroy the audience with fluff. That’s the normal Illumi and Hisoka from the anime.

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