Can Kirito Beat Asta?

Who can kirito beat?

Suguha10 Can Beat: Suguha Even though Suguha’s sylph, Leafa, is very capable in the ALfheim online arc, Kirito could easily defeat her in a match.

She has various spells and incantations to subdue his spriggan attacks but his melee technique would easily snuff out her abilities..

Can Asta beat Natsu?

There’s no way for Natsu to win, should Asta’s mana-eating sword pierce Natsu at anytime, as without fire to fuel him (a.k.a. no outside help), he’d be defeated due to Asta’s superior speed and reaction time. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Natsu’s magic wouldn’t be eaten by Asta’s sword.

Who is the strongest in black clover?

Black Clover: The 10 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked1 The Devil. As the mastermind behind the elves’ massacre and turning Patri into an extremist, the Devil is the very incarnation of evil.2 Licht. … 3 Lumiere. … 4 Julius Novachrono. … 5 Fuegoleon Vermillion. … 6 Mereoleona Vermillion. … 7 The Queen Of Witches. … 8 Yami Sukehiro. … More items…•Jun 25, 2019

Can Asta beat Gon?

If Asta can negate Nen, it’s OVER for Gon. He’s just a kid, or if using Adult Gon, a muscular man. Nevertheless, Asta wins through physical strength alone. … In his adult form, Gon’s destructive power increases to the max, and his speed increases as well.

Can Naruto beat Goku?

4 Naruto Wins: He’s Smarter Than Goku Since Goku is excessively strong, he defeats his enemies using his strength. … He can use his vast experience in the battlefield to easily come up with a strategy that can stop Goku, if not defeat him fully.

Who is stronger ASTA or Meliodas?

Meliodas could effortlessly one shot if he has a power level of 32,500 and beyond. While meliodas being incomparable in terms of strength and overall durability, it seems like Asta is faster than light while current meliodas is probably Relativistic+ and maybe even light speed but Asta would be able to blitz Meliodas.

Is Sinon in love with kirito?

Yes, she’s just not as thirsty as Liz, Silica, and Leafa. Every female likes Kirito to an extent. There can only be one waifu (Asuna) but Alice and Sinon are my other best bets. …

Does kirito ever lose?

He lost to Heathcliff twice (the first time because of cheating but the second time he was beaten without it and would have been dead if not for Asuna intervening) he was decimated by the guardians of the world tree when he tried it alone.

Can Zoro beat Asta?

He’s definitely stronger than Asta physically and he’s faster. Zoro has observation and armament haki which give him a significant advantage. His feats are much more numerous and impressive. The only reason Asta is a threat to anyone is because of his anti-magic sword.

Can Naruto beat kirito?

Kirito would beat naruto if naruto was in the game because naruto would start as a noob. … And Kirito is just a normal human. If naruto was in the game he would still beat him because he is faster than kirito and his swords would do little damage.

Is ASTA the demon king?

Asta is a descendant from a demon from the dimension of demons. And Asta actually had some magic power inside him but the demon canceled it out.

Is Asta a royalty?

Nobody ever mentioned that only nobles get 4 leaf clover grimoires. … But we don’t actually know yet how grimoires do work because their origin is still unknown. And asta can’t be a royal because royalty in Black Clover means having a lot mana. Asta doesn’t have any mana that’s why he is so special.

Could ASTA beat Naruto?

As of now, Sasuke and Naruto are the strongest Humans in the Shinobi world. … Naruto also possesses the power of Nine Tails, increasing his stamina immensely. The power of Naruto is that of legends and as of now Asta, cannot hope to defeat it.

Could kirito beat Yuuki?

Overall, though, I feel like Yuuki is the stronger fighter as Kirito had noticed that Yuuki was a product of the Full Dive Environment. She lived in the game and had little else to live for so Yuuki devoted her full attention to it. … No Kirito Did not let her win.

Who is Asta’s demon?

LiebeAsta’s Devil is named Liebe, an anti-magic devil. He was sealed inside a black five-leaf grimoire by his foster mother.

Who is Asta’s dad?

DanteDante is Asta’s Father.

Who is the demon inside Asta?

LiebeAsta’s devil is Liebe, who is also known as the devil of anti-magic. After being attacked by Lucifero, his adoptive mother put him in a five-leafed grimoire that Asta later acquired.

Who beats the devil in black clover?

AstaThe most recent episode of Black Clover titled ‘The Final Attack’, came out yesterday. Asta and Yuno made one last push against Devil and came out victorious.

Who is kirito’s girlfriend?

Asuna. The main heroine of Sword Art Online and main protagonist of the seventh volume, Asuna – who is 17 – is a friend and later to be girlfriend and the in-game wife of Kirito in Sword Art Online and Alfheim Online.

Is Alice jealous of asuna?

Alice got jealous of Asuna when Asuna claims that she will be taking care of Kirito-Kun herself, but Alice said that she can take care of Kirito-kun too because she doesn’t like people taking control of Kirito-Kun.

Who married asuna?

KiritoAsuna and Kirito quickly began their leave of absence from the Knights of the Blood Oath and once buying their new home, they get married and begin to enjoy their honeymoon.