Is Junpei Dead?

Did Itadori killed Junpei?

In a moment, Junpei’s body painfully contorts from Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration.

Junpei’s mutated form charges at Itadori, who pleads with Sukuna to save his friend.

His request is spitefully denied, spurring a burst of rapturous laughter from Sukuna and Mahito as a teary-eyed Junpei dies at Itadori’s feet..

Who died in jujutsu Kaisen?

ItadoriJujutsu Kaisen’s Itadori becomes the series’ first character to bite the dust, but thankfully this tangle with death looks to be a temporary one. After Sukuna holds Itadori’s body hostage, the young Jujutsu Sorcerer decides to end his own life by taking back control while his heart is outside his body.

Who cursed Junpei’s mom?

MahitoIt was Mahito. He and Getou set it up.

Does Nobara die?

I get it!” This very well seems like Nobara has truly died, and Megumi just could not bring himself to say it out loud. … Compare this to the other deaths we had seen during Shibuya Incident, and there was no doubt over characters we had lost such as Kento Nanami.

Does sukuna die?

After Sukuna had died, his fingers became cursed objects.

Is Junpei really dead?

Sadly, Junpei is not alive in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is dead and will not be returning anytime in the series. After being transformed, he collapses and lies motionless at Itadori’s feet.

Does Itadori come back to life?

To answer the question in short, Yuji Itadori is alive, though his body is missing a heart. He is currently with Sukuna inside the latter’s innate domain.

Why can’t Itadori switch back?

Itadori not being able to switch back right away is the consequence of forcing Sukuna. It never really was explained why he didn’t switch back with Sukuna, but its pretty plausible that he was mentally drained from nearly dying and had to take a breather.

How old is sukuna?

According to legend, Sukuna was a vicious demon with the appearance of a human who appeared during the golden era of sorcery one thousand years ago.

Who killed Junpei?

Suspicion – Who Killed Junpei? Junpei is found dismembered in the pantry. Akane assumes that Carlos is responsible, while Carlos isn’t sure who did it. The player is given a nine letter field in which to guess the killer.

Did Itadoris friend die?

Yuji dies upon regaining control of his body from Sukuna. Yuji quickly reacts and tries to attack it with his cursed weapon, but the spirit easily breaks it and even cuts off Yuji’s arm.

Is Mahito dead?

Deceased (1930–2018)Mahito Tsujimura/Living or Deceased