Question: Can Naruto Beat Mizuki?

Why is iruka so weak?

15 Weaker: Iruka Iruka did show a talent for barrier ninjutsu, but talent seems to stop there.

One can assume he is moderately proficient as a chunin, but he lacks any other growth in the series.

Iruka got weaker by the way his fellow shinobi outgrew him..

Is Mizuki a chunin?

He was a Chunin and he got stomped by Naruto’s army of Shadow Clones in the very first chapter.

Is Mizuki Sai’s brother?

This thoery is complete BS, Sai’s brother couldnt be Mizuki, because it wouldnt make sense first of all and they were around the same age. So, for Mizuki to be a teacher at the Academy would mean that he would of had to had been a chunnin. Sai said his brother died and i believe it.

Does Naruto kill anyone?

Since Naruto is the hero of his story and defeats numerous enemies throughout, it would be natural to assume he has plenty of blood on his hands. However, Naruto Uzumaki has only ever killed one person: a Sand Village jonin named Yura.

Who will kill Mizuki?

Mizuki was the first ever antagonist in Naruto. He was the one who tricked Naruto into stealing the forbidden scroll so that he could dispose of Naruto and leave the village with the scroll in his possession. Naruto is able to defeat Mizuki with the aid of his new Shadow Clone Jutsu and he is never mentioned again.

How old is Kakashi?

Who is Kakashi Hatake?editKakashi HatakeBirthdateSeptember 15SexMaleAgePart I: 26–27 Part II: 29–31HeightPart I: 181 cm30 more rows

Why did Mizuki kill his comrade?

During their retreat, one of the comrades suffered a leg injury, and Mizuki suffocated the man to death, believing that the injury would cause him to be a hindrance to the mission’s success, and then falsely reported that the comrade had died from the injury, which Mizuki exaggerated in severity.

Who is Naruto’s brother?

Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha (Japanese: うちは イタチ, Hepburn: Uchiha Itachi) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Who was Naruto’s first enemy?

Zabuza MomochiZabuza Momochi (in Japanese: 桃地再不斬, Momochi Zabuza) is the first major antagonist from the manga and anime series Naruto.

Who is Orochimaru son?


Who is the first villain in Boruto?

KawakiKawakiKawaki as designed by Mikio IkemotoFirst appearanceBoruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 1: Boruto Uzumaki.Created byUkyo KodachiDesigned byMikio Ikemoto4 more rows

Is Mizuki death Naruto?

Yes, he is very much alive. Mizuki, after being defeated by kis naruto is sent to prison. But of course he breaks out of it later.

What did Naruto do to Mizuki?

Betrayal. After Naruto was the only one not to graduate with the rest of his classmates, Mizuki manipulated him into stealing the Scroll of Seals to improve his skills.

Who did Orochimaru marry?

Well, no he does not have a wife, if we assume that orochimaru is heterosexual and not homosexual, then it just isn’t possible, as stated in boruto he has been both male and female. And as Mitsuki was a lab creation, he has no need for a spouse.

Who killed Naruto?

kawakiin ‘boruto’ manga its shown that naruto will/is probably killed by kawaki .