Question: How Old Is Seth And Kendra Fablehaven?

What reading level is fablehaven?

FablehavenInterest LevelReading LevelATOSGrades 4 – 8Grades 3 – 84.8Apr 24, 2007.

Does Seth get his memory back?

Master of the Phantom Isle takes up where Wrath of the Dragon King left off. Cursed by the Key of Forgetting, Seth has lost all memory of his past—his relationships, his experiences, and who he really is. … If you haven’t read the previous Dragonwatch books, then you’ll be lost in Master of the Phantom Isle.

Is Brandon Mull LDS?

He currently lives in Alpine, Utah and is a graduate of Brigham Young University in Utah. While at BYU Mull led the sketch comedy group Divine Comedy. Mull served a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile.

What is Dragonwatch Book 4 called?

4: Champion of the Titan GamesDragonwatch, vol. 4: Champion of the Titan Games – Kindle edition by Mull, Brandon. Children Kindle eBooks @

What did Seth and Kendra find in the barn?

She is mentioned in Book 5. In Book 1, Kendra and Seth smash their way into the barn the day after Midsummer’s Eve, hoping to find Lena and Grandpa Sorenson. They discover Viola and gawk at her size. They notice her bulging udders, and decide that she needs to be milk.

How many AR points is fablehaven?

11.0ATOS Book Level:4.8Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)AR Points:11.0Rating:Word Count:751783 more rows

Who gave Kendra the knapsack?

TorinaThe Knapsack is a magical knapsack that was given to Kendra mysteriously while she was held captive by Torina.

Who is Maddox in fablehaven?

Maddox Fisk is one of Stan Sorenson’s friends, brother of Dougan Fisk, and works as a fairy broker, among other things, which means that he catches and sells or trades fairies. He is taller than Stan and is much broader, with curly brown hair. The layers of furry skins he wears make him look like a mountain man.

Will fablehaven ever be a movie?

Are there Fablehaven movies? … In the case of this series, the rights to Fablehaven were purchased by Schaffer Studios in 2012. During that time it was even said that the Studios had teamed up with Brandon Mull on the Project. However, as of 2019, there is no Fablehaven movie.

What is Vanessa’s Secret in fablehaven?

Bracken is stuck in human form due to him giving up his horn to make the Font of Immortality. Meanwhile, in Fablehaven,Vanessa reveals her secret, Grandpa and Grandma Larsen are alive and they are undercover spies for the Knights of Dawn.

Is the Sphinx evil in fablehaven?

The Sphinx, also known as Rhodes, is a powerful man in the Fablehaven Series. … In the end of Rise of the Evening Star, Vanessa Santoro claims that the Sphinx is a traitor to them, as he is secretly the leader of The Society of the Evening Star. He shrouds himself in mystery purposely.

What age is fablehaven for?

I would recommend it to anyone 3rd grade (for content) or older with a reading level of at least 4th grade. My daughter, another Fablehaven fan, teaches a mixed grade, 4-6, and feels it is a good read for any of that age group also.

What powers does Seth have?

Seth’s powers are that he controls the Egyptian deserts, he controls storms, and is the god of chaos and evil. He is also considered the god of foreigners.

What grade level is Eragon?

Eragon (Inheritance)Interest LevelReading LevelATOSGrades 9 – 12Grades 3 – 85.6Nov 15, 2013

Are Kendra and Seth in Dragonwatch?

DRAGONWATCH returns Kendra, 15, and her brother, Seth, 13, to Fablehaven, the secret sanctuary for magical creatures overseen by their grandparents.

Who is the traitor in fablehaven 2?

Vanessa SantoroVanessa Santoro She is presented as a keeper of magical creatures. She is a Knight of the Dawn, and helps fellow knights Coulter and Tanu with their efforts to find the secret artifact hidden at Fablehaven, until she is revealed as a narcoblix and traitor.

What happens to Warren in fablehaven?

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary Early in the mission, Warren is gored by a peryton and medicated in the knapsack. After his reveal, Navarog traps Warren in the knapsack by destroying it.

Is Alma Seth’s mother?

Alma Images Alma (アルマ, Aruma) is a freelance Nemesis Hunter and serves as both Seth’s mentor and foster mother after suffering from amnesia. She is a major supporting character in the series.

Where is fablehaven?

ConnecticutFallen Secret PreservesNumberNameLocation#1FablehavenConnecticut#2Living MirageEastern Turkey#3Lost MesaArizona#4Obsidian WasteAustralia1 more row

Where is Wyrmroost in fablehaven?

Map. Wyrmroost was one of the three closed dragon sanctuaries, located north of Montana in the United States of America. Its gate could only be opened with a unicorn’s first horn, and it was shielded by one of the most potent distracter spells ever enacted.

Who is Bracken in fablehaven?

Bracken was one of the prisoners held in Living Mirage’s dungeon. He is revealed to be a Unicorn, and also the Fairy Queen’s son. He becomes Kendra’s love interest during the events of book five. He is a major help in getting Kendra and Warren out of Living Mirage.