Question: Is Todoroki The Most Powerful?

Who is the UA traitor?

9 Toru Hagakure Is The Traitor For the most part, Toru Hagakure is a secondary character who rarely influences the overarching premise of My Hero Academia.

However, it’s her invisibility quirk that demands suspicion..

Can DEKU beat all might?

Yes, he will. Based on the way One For All works, each wielder masters the power, improves it to the point where they surpass the last wielder, then passes it on to someone else. As Izuku is learning to harness more of One For All, he’s also developing his own way of using it.

Can Eri heal all might?

Since we don’t know much about both quirks, we can only judge from what we know. Since Eri was able to restore wounds on Izuku, we can say that she can restore All Might’s wound too. Eri can even rewind someone to their non-existence which, of course, means death. We know that quirk bullets can make a person quirkless.

Can Shigaraki defeat all might?

All Might is certainly powerful enough to fight someone like Shigaraki Tomura. Although Shigaraki does possess tremendous strength, he can’t top All Might, whose strength was confirmed to be greater than that of Shigaraki.

How did Mineta get into UA?

Mineta got into U.A. because the examination only required him to immobilize the robots. His quirk Pop-Off allowed him to trap them, stick them, or even plug up their muzzles to stop them from functioning and thus racking up enough points to pass.

Does DEKU become a villain?

Deku has not turned into a villain in the series.

What is Dekus weakness?

4 Weakness: He Is Naturally Quirkless Perhaps Deku’s most debilitating flaw at the beginning of the series was that he is naturally Quirkless. This causes a number of problems that most aspiring heroes should not be forced to reconcile with and makes him an unideal candidate for All Might’s power.

How powerful is Todoroki?

Physical strength: At least Wall+ (Should be much higher than Quirkless Deku), higher with usage of his quirk. Intelligence: High. One of the students who got into U.A Academy by registeration rather than entrance exam.

Is DEKU a girl?

Deku was born a female. Her father wasn’t to proud of that so… Well, as hero-in-training Deku was patrolling.

Can Todoroki beat DEKU?

7 Can’t Defeat: Todoroki Yes, Deku did seem more focused on getting Todoroki to use all of his quirk’s power but it doesn’t change the fact that Todoroki won the fight. Deku has gained more control over his new quirk since that fight.

Who married Bakugo?

Eijiro Kirishima3 Katsuki Bakugo & Eijiro Kirishima.

Who can Todoroki defeat?

Kirishima2 He Can Defeat: Kirishima When he’s using both of his quirks, it seems that Todoroki can fight for much longer than Kirishima can before becoming fatigued. He can fend off the other boy’s offensive attacks with his ice power.

Is Bakugo stronger than Todoroki?

Todoroki can create ice from his Quirk to cause Bakugo to make his Quirk weaker, then Todoroki can eventually freeze Bakugo, and would finally claim his victory. If you are talking about their current position, well they both have gotten stronger. However, I think Todoroki takes the lead. Todoroki wins!

Is Todoroki stronger than DEKU?

For that reason, the fact that Todoroki is the strongest still exists. The fact still stands that 20% Deku is the strongest. Todoroki is not fast enough physically and isn’t fast enough to react.

Who is smarter Bakugou or Todoroki?

Bakugou is more intelligent in the sense you’d first think of. Todoroki is more intelligent in the areas where it actually counts.

Is Todoroki dead?

My Hero Academia has revealed how Toya Todoroki was killed in the newest chapter of the series. … Chapter 291 of the series begins with Endeavor’s perspective on the reveal as he thinks back to Toya. He mentions how he used to go up to Sekoto Peak to train, and it was there that Toya had burned to death.

Is Todoroki stronger than all might?

8 Shoto Todoroki Class 1-A’s Shoto Tokoroki is one of the strongest potential heroes in the series. … However, with such abilities, it makes sense that Shoto Todoroki may one day be strong enough to take down All Might.

Who can beat all for one?

My Hero Academia: 5 Anime Villains That Could Defeat All For One (& 5 He’d Annihilate)6 Could Beat – Cioccolata (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)7 Would Lose To – Aizen (Bleach) … 8 Could Beat – Sloth (Fullmetal Alchemist) … 9 Would Lose To – Naraku (Inuyasha) … 10 Could Beat – Orochimaru (Naruto) … More items…•Dec 6, 2020

Does Bakugo get nicer?

Short answer: not really. But, I love the way he acts. Let’s not say nicer, let’s say he becomes a better person. Bakugo will never get rid of his potty mouth BUT he does start to care for his classmates more and his rivaly with deku moves into a more positive genuine direction.

Is Shoto stronger than DEKU?

In the long run Deku, as of right now I still believe Shoto is stronger. Hell even Bakagou is better than Deku at current level.

Who kills all might?

Tomura ShigarakiAll Might will be killed by Tomura Shigaraki, the successor of All For One.

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