Question: What Is DEKU’S Favorite Food?

What is DEKU’s hero name?

Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya is the main protagonist of the popular anime and manga series My Hero Academia.

Izuku’s hero name is Deku.

He was originally Quirkless but after meeting All Might and impressing him with his bravery, he gained One For All and became its ninth user.

and Lara Woodhull as a child in the English version..

What is DEKU’s favorite ice cream?

What are class 1-A’s favorite ice cream flavors? Midoriya likes the fruit flavored ones. Not necessarily strawberry, but stuff like banana, kiwi, mango are appealing to him.

Who is the UA traitor?

Toru Hagakure9 Toru Hagakure Is The Traitor For the most part, Toru Hagakure is a secondary character who rarely influences the overarching premise of My Hero Academia. However, it’s her invisibility quirk that demands suspicion.

What is Bakugou’s favorite food?

He enjoys eating spicy food, and mountain climbing.

What is DEKU’s favorite color?

redWhy is deku favorite color is red.

Did DEKU’s quirk get stolen?

After reading a few official theories about Deku having a quirk before, many canon claims said that the Doctor himself was the person who STOLE Deku’s original quirk, which could’ve been Fire Breath or something like that.

What is Izuku Midoriya’s favorite food?

Katsudon7 – Midoriya Izuku’s favorite food is Katsudon.

What is DEKU’s favorite drink?

There is the Deku Frapp, a green-colored iced beverage. Todoroki’s drink is the Strawberry Shotocake, so fans can appreciate the name’s pun and its fruity flavor in equal measure. According to the original poster, Todoroki’s drink is meant to taste very strawberry, but the jury is out on the Deku Frapp.

Who is DEKU’s best friend?

Who is Deku’s best friend?Iida. 56.5%Ochako. 23.9%Aoyama. 2.2%Tsuyu. 2.2%Todoroki. 15.2%Nov 5, 2019

What is DEKU’s real quirk?

His quirk was he was allowed to produce a piercing hot fire breath from his mouth. He was given an opportunity to work overseas and he left while Izuku was just a baby. His status has been unknown since then.

Is Bakugou canonically attractive?

Think of Bakugou as the chad of class 1a, and Todoroki as the Uber chad of class 1a. Bakugou is canonically attractive but thanks to his persona and antics those qualities are rarely mentioned. Exactly. Yeah Bakugo is attractive, crazy talented, and has that bad boy attitude.

Does Bakugo care about DEKU?

Bakugo cares about deku in the sense of he won’t let him die until he beats that ass himself. … Deku looks up to Katsuki Bakugou because he is so strong, and Bakugou gets upset because Deku gets in the way of him reaching the top.

Is Todoroki DEKU’s best friend?

In season 1, during the Sports Festival, Deku helped Todoroki get over the grudges he held against his father. (Which is probably where y’all got TodoDeku, because I did too) Todoroki ended up looking up to Deku and found him as a close friend.

Who is DEKU’s girlfriend?

UrarakaUraraka is the main female protagonist of Boku No Hero Academia. She is one of the main protagonists friends but seems to have take a love interest in him as shown during the exam arc when asked if she loves him.

Who is DEKU’s crush?

Ochako, herself, is very fond of Deku and has developed sincere feelings for him.

What is DEKU’s IQ?

140.5 Avg.Deku. (140.5 Avg.)

What is DEKU’s eye color?

greenDeku has shoulder length green hair, which covers the right side of his face, and green eyes.

Does Bakugo get nicer?

Bakugo is much more complex than the average anime rival and also quite the opposite. The anime rival archetype is more on the quiet and snarky side, not on the loud and direct side. He’s never exactly nice but he seems to become more considerate. He’s nice in his own way, lets say.

What is Kirishima favorite drink?

EIJIRO KIRISHIMA : vanilla sweet cream cold brew. bold but sweet. cold brew is way strong, and vanilla/vanilla sweet cream is the best thing to balance it out with.

Who married Todoroki?

Izuku Midoriya10 Todoroki Shoto & Izuku Midoriya Todoroki and Izuku are arguably the couple that makes the most sense in all of My Hero Academia, although it’s highly unlikely that this couple will ever become canon.