Question: Why Was Vegeta Bad?

How did Vegeta self destruct?

Majin Vegeta uses a Self Destruction technique on Majin Buu, the Final Explosion.

The Final Explosion does not cause the user’s body to explode; Vegeta’s body merely turned to stone and crumbled to dust afterwards..

Is Vegeta still evil?

Vegeta was completely evil up until the very end of the Buu Saga. Piccolo, despite being King Piccolo’s son and technical reincarnation, never really did anything evil besides kidnap Gohan, but he had his reasons for doing that.

Did Vegeta marry Bulma?

As the Cell Games commence, Bulma cheers for Vegeta and Future Trunks. … At some point after Future Trunks returns to the future, Vegeta and Bulma reconcile and get married. Seven years pass, and by then, they have a much better relationship, due to having fallen truly in love with each other.

Why is Vegeta always angry?

The reason is because Goku hit his head when he was a child. That caused him to forget his mission to destroy planet earth, the main reason he was sent to this planet in the first place. … Unlike Goku who just happened to forget everything due to a bump to a head, Vegeta changed himself.

Is Vegeta Goku’s brother?

They aren’t brothers. Vegeta was the prince of the Saiyan planet before it was destroyed by Frieza. Goku is the son of a Saiyan warrior Bardock who died along with their planet. Goku had an elder biological brother, Raditz.

Does Vegeta Love Bulma?

5 Vegeta Truly Loves Bulma Vegeta has also said that he is indeed attracted to Bulma due to her overbearing personality, but it physically attracted to her as well. After this, at some point, both of them are married and eventually have another child together, Bulla.

What does Vegeta fear the most?

Vegeta is afraid of worms!

Is Vegeta older than Goku?

Going off the anime, Vegeta is slightly older than Goku. However, due to Vegeta’s overexposure to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber + Goku’s lack of a physical body for the seven years he remained dead after the Cell saga, Vegeta is actually a lot older than Goku in terms of physical age.

What is Vegeta’s strongest attack?

God Heat Flash1 God Heat Flash The attack is powerful and takes the form of a large, reddish-yellow energy ball similar to one of Vegeta’s other signature moves, Big Bang Attack.

Is Vegeta a villain?

Vegeta is the first four arch-villains of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai (along with Frieza, Cell and Buu. He is an antihero from the Dragon Ball Franchise and Dragon Ball Z Kai series and one of the main characters throughout the other series in this franchise.

Is Vegeta a bad guy or good guy?

To become a Super Saiyan, one must be a good person. Sure, Vegeta loved to go off about how his heart was pure evil, but we all know that the second he transformed into a Super Saiyan, he became one of the good guys.

Why is Vegeta’s hair red?

User Info: SS2Matt Planet had red sky too iirc. Light spectrum on the planet therefore gave his normally black hair a red appearance. His Armor was probably in some mode that let him survive on that planet.

Why did Vegeta kill himself?

For the sake of his family and friends, Vegeta decides to commit suicide by using the Final Explosion in order to kill Majin Buu. He tells Trunks to take care of his mother, and orders him and Goten to leave right now.

Who is Vegeta’s wife?


What is Vegeta’s suicide attack called?

Final ExplosionI’ll Blow You To Pieces! Final Explosion (ファイナルエクスプロージョン) was a suicide technique used against Majin Buu as a last resort by Vegeta in his Majin form.

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