Quick Answer: Does Gon Turn Evil?

Is Gon a villain?

Gon has an extremist mind, and is very twisted in his personal beliefs.

This is a foundation of a villain.

Gon borders between The Chaotic Good and The Chaotic Evil.

To further stress this point, “The Chaotic Good, “Rebel”: These characters listen to their gut and their conscience..

Is hisoka dead?

He was dead for like 2 minutes, his bungee gum literally resuscitated him, literally everything was in place for him to come back to life. Hisoka should be alive and how he survived makes sense in the context of nen after death.

Does kurapika die?

All that were supposed to die have died. But in many of them, it’s says “you will lie next to bloody scarlet eyes”. Eyes don’t hold blood. Kurapika will die.

Does gon have a dark side?

Gon is a happy, simple minded, loving protagonist, but he has a much darker side, this can be shown mostly in the Chimara Ant arc. Gon has a loving way of thinking but it’s not all that. Lets look at the hunter exam first.

Has Gon killed anyone?

Prior to the Chimera Ant Arc, Gon had never actually killed anyone, except some wildlife for food. Despite how coolheaded he’s been with seeing death, Gon himself had never shown one murderous tendency before. He even inadvertently influenced Killua to stray away from killing for some time.

Who does gon hate?

Remember that one murderer Bisky told Gon and Killua to fight? He’s a worse person than say Nobunaga. However, He liked the guy because he helped him and Killua get stronger by training, whereas Kurapika hates the troupe, so gon hates him.

Why is gon so powerful?

Gon’s transformation is the result of a powerful Nen condition. As you probably know Nen grows stronger the stronger the condition is or how many there are. As shown with Kurapika setting the condition to never use his Nen on any one other than the phantom troupe and would die if he breaks the condition.

Who is GON’s sister?

Alluka Zoldyck (アルカ゠ゾルディック, Aruka Zorudikku) is the second youngest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck.

Why is gon selfish?

Although Gon is innocent and just a child, he most certainly is selfish. He also always has to prove his strength and win on his terms as well as prove his strength by protecting his friends. Both of these crucial elements were ripped to shreds when Pitou came along and have only been challenged throughout the series.

Is Gon a good guy?

Gon is also pure-hearted but that doesn’t mean he is “good”. That just means he is honest and absolute. He doesn’t do things halfway and is a bit of an extremist sometimes. Risking his life, sacrificing his hand and Killua’s hands, threatening Komugi, sacrificing his own life…

Is Gon stronger than Naruto?

Gon being unfamiliar with Naruto’s jutsu or chakra is not really going to be any different for him than fighting anyone else using nen abilities from his own world. Same with Naruto vs him. Gon beats Naruto in physical strength until Naruto pulls out his fox chakra.

Is Gon mentally ill?

In the Hunter x Hunter world Gon might not be classified as mentally ill. Mental illness is based upon social norms, and so far everyone reveres his mindset.

Does gon turn into a monster?

Gon is not a monster because he sacrificed his life. He’s not a monster because he turned into an adult version of himself.

Why did gon turn bad?

The flaws Gon struggles with are also apparent in most of the principal villains of the series, who have allowed their selfish and childish desires to completely consume them until they become “monsters wearing human skin.” Gon has been described as a “monster” himself, not because he is a horrible person, but because …

Who killed hisoka?

ChrolloHow Does Hisoka Die? After his Nen is unsealed, Chrollo finally agrees to fight Hisoka in a death match at the Heavens Arena. Chrollo, who is now capable of using two abilities simultaneously, proves to be a tough opponent to defeat. He uses multiple explosive puppets to blast and kill Hisoka.

Who is GON’s mom?

Alicia FreecsHis mother is Alicia Freecs. She was a hunter and she died while exploring the dark continent. She and Ging met shortly after Ging became a hunter. They headed on many wonderful adventures together.

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