Quick Answer: How Old Is Gojo?

Does Gojo Satoru have a girlfriend?

Author of Jujutsu Kaisen (Gege Akutami) and Bleach (Tite kubo) interview was recently published in Jujutsu Kaisen Official fanbook, which has been officially released and already sold out in Japan..

Is Gojo Satoru married?

Gojo has to make it a known fact that he is married, he even reminds his students every day that he is to the point where Fushiguro is just plainly irritated.

Who is Gojo Satoru crush?

Miwa doesn’t canonically interact a lot with Satoru, but what’s known, it’s that she admires him possibly for a long time. Her celebrity crush on him it’s shown right in the episode 5 of the anime.

Why does Satoru Gojo wear blindfold?

“To put it bluntly, Six Eyes is the eyes that shows cursed energy in so much detail. He can even see like high-resolution thermography when wearing a blindfold. He can even recognize things that don’t have cursed energy, such as buildings, through the residue and the flow of the cursed energy.

Did Gojo kill Hanami?

Hanami is then hit by Gojo’s Hollow Purple technique and is heavily wounded, however he’s able to escape, barely clinging to his life.

What type of girl does Gojo Satoru like?

When it comes to Gojo’s type, you’ll remember the Juju Sanpo of the anime chapter 15. The topic is everyone’s type and Gojo talked about the girl who seemed to be Miwa Kasumi.

Will Gojo Satoru die?

Nope, Gojo Satoru does not die in the anime or manga. He does get sealed away in the current ongoing shibuya arc in the manga. If you are watching the anime, you would have noticed Geto say that Gojo should be sealed during October in Shibuya.

Who can beat Gojo Satoru?

WhisWhis is probably the only character that could beat Satoru Gojo in a battle of attrition. Gojo’s infinity technique does not grant him infinite power, which means eventually the overpowered sorcerer can run out of gas. Fortunately, Gojo has the strength and speed to end most of his battles before he risks exhaustion.

Is Gojo a bad guy?

After much speculation, it is finally confirmed in Chapter #134 that the person, or brain, that is occupying Geto’s body is actually an infamously evil sorcerer from over 150 years ago, Noritoshi Kamo.

Can Gojo be unsealed?

He also said to Gojo that he can be unsealed after 100 or 1000 years which makes it clear that his intention is just to seal Gojo just like what the sorcerers did with Sukuna.

Is Satoru Gojo blind?

1 Answer. Satoru Gojo is always seen wearing his signature black blindfold and otherwise a pair of dark eyeglasses not because he is blind but because it is a part of who he is; it is distinctive and has become one of his signature character traits.

How tall is Gojo Satoru?

190 centimeters tallAccording to Akutami, Gojo is probably over 190 centimeters tall (6′ 3″). He started eating sweets to stimulate his brain but ended up with a sweet tooth.

Why is Satoru Gojo so strong?

But what exactly makes Satoru so powerful? The answer lies in his extraordinary control over cursed energy and two techniques he inherited from the unusually powerful Gojo clan: Limitless and Six Eyes. Limitless technique users are granted almost total control over space.

Can Gojo Satoru beat Goku?

While Goku may not be able to directly harm him with standard methods, he’s still hilariously faster to the point that Gojo may as well be a statue. If bloodlusted Goku could blow up the planet. … Basically Gojo could win, but he won’t win.

Is sukuna stronger than Gojo?

I’d say at full power (all the fingers :p) sukuna would beat gojo. The Gojo and Sukuna fight is going to happen eventually in the manga and when it does, Sukuna’s planning on using Megumi as a tool against Gojo. That’s what we’ve been building to all this time.