Quick Answer: What Are Todoroki’S Quirks?

Who is the UA traitor?

9 Toru Hagakure Is The Traitor For the most part, Toru Hagakure is a secondary character who rarely influences the overarching premise of My Hero Academia.

However, it’s her invisibility quirk that demands suspicion..

Do Todoroki and Momo kiss?

Todoroki is meant to be a prince in this fantasy AU, with Momo as his protecting knight in shining armor. This steamy kiss highlights that the pair may be having a secret romance, a prince and his knight sharing a hidden kiss in the night.

Is 13 a boy or girl BNHA?

BNHA Ultra Analysis book has confirmed that Thirteen is female. “It’s hard to tell due to the size of the costume, but Thirteen is, in fact, a woman.”

Why does Todoroki hate his dad?

Enji Todoroki. Shoto encounters Endeavor before his match with Hanta Sero. The Flame Hero Endeavor is Shoto’s father. … Shoto’s hatred was so deep that he refused to use his fire powers because he inherited them from his father, seeing it as his father’s Quirk rather than his own.

Did endeavor ever love his wife?

Endeavor bought her family over to marry her through a Quirk marriage. It’s revealed that he chose her because of how her ice Quirk counters the drawbacks of his Hellflame Quirk. … After Natsuo and Shoto were born, Enji’s obsession to overcome All Might led him to train Shoto only while neglecting the others.

How did Mineta get into UA?

Mineta got into U.A. because the examination only required him to immobilize the robots. His quirk Pop-Off allowed him to trap them, stick them, or even plug up their muzzles to stop them from functioning and thus racking up enough points to pass.

What are Todoroki’s powers?

Todoroki’s quirk is Half-Hot Half-Cold. Half of his body can generate flames, and the other half generates ice. He can freely use both of them in battle since he overcame – partially at least – his childhood trauma. Now the fight.

Who married Todoroki?

2 Todoroki Shoto & Yaoyorozu Momo.

What is Dekus weakness?

4 Weakness: He Is Naturally Quirkless Perhaps Deku’s most debilitating flaw at the beginning of the series was that he is naturally Quirkless. This causes a number of problems that most aspiring heroes should not be forced to reconcile with and makes him an unideal candidate for All Might’s power.

Who killed all might?

Tomura ShigarakiAll Might will be killed by Tomura Shigaraki, the successor of All For One.

Is Todoroki stronger than DEKU?

For that reason, the fact that Todoroki is the strongest still exists. The fact still stands that 20% Deku is the strongest. Todoroki is not fast enough physically and isn’t fast enough to react.

Who is Katsuki Bakugou’s girlfriend?

Kyoka Jiro Starting from the U.A. School Festival Arc is when these two begin to develop a friendship. Kyoka asks Katsuki to help her in the festival by playing drums, he berates her and tells her he has no time for that.

What is Todoroki’s dads quirk?

He also possesses a proficient handle on his powerful Quirk, Hellflame, using his flames to overwhelm his opponents with extreme heat, along with other purposes. As he is ranked highly, Endeavor is a very powerful hero, which has been proven in his fight against the League of Villains.

What is Todoroki Natsuo quirk?

I also believe that Natsuo has a cold/icy quirk instead of being quirkless, because he tells his mother that they all like the cold since they’re sensitive to the heat (that could be a result of their bodies being more suitable to cold).

Is DEKU a girl?

Deku was born a female. Her father wasn’t to proud of that so… Well, as hero-in-training Deku was patrolling.

Is Todoroki fire or ice stronger?

I’d say Todoroki is the strongest since he has the power of both ice and fire.

What are Todoroki’s siblings quirks?

So Todoroki’s hair colour is Red and White which means both Fire and Ice. Touya Todoroki had red hair which means he had fire and the other two children have white quirk which means they have ice.

Is Endeavour a bad dad?

Endeavor is a bad father but he has a realization and is trying to fix things. He won’t ever undo his damage but he can at least fix things to the point where they can become a real family, this is real because people can be bad and turn good over time.

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