Quick Answer: What Did Kirito Get For Beating Gleam Eyes?

How did kirito not die?

Kirito and Asuna didn’t immediately die because the system, Cardinal, was designed that way.

That’s why they have the resurrection item like Disgaea mentioned.

There is a delay before the player is killed in the real world, following his avatar’s death.

Now, the same can be said about Kirito killing Kayaba..

Why did kirito throw away Excalibur?

It is a very simple answer. He has no ability to use the sword unless he carries it forever because he cannot claim it. He cannot claim until Jötunheimr is restored, hence the end of the quest. … He has no ability to claim the sword therefore he throws it away because he cannot jump with it.

Did kirito and Asuna breakup?

Pretty much confirmed they would not break up and that they love each other. So watch ALICIZATION, when Asuna, Alice and the other girls were talking about Kirito in the camp Asuna said they dated for 2.5 weeks and lived together.

Why is kirito so overpowered?

Kirito is so OP because he has spent so long in VMMOs, always fighting and runing at peak condition, that his character is constantly “stretching,” as he grows more accustomed to moving around, and it becomes more natural, his natural “stop my body can’t do this” reaction is dwindling, which allows his character to …

Why did kirito lose his emotions?

It’s revealed that following the battle with Administrator, and following his failed connection back to the real world, Kirito has been left without emotions and his ability to speak. … This resulted in some kind of explosion, which reduced Kirito to this new state (and still without his right arm).

Does Deathguard kill kirito?

While Dark Wind is closing on Kirito, Death Gun appears and decides to kill Kirito himself. However, as soon as Dark Wind is killed, Sinon turns her attention to Death Gun and shoots at him. Death Gun shoots as well and their bullets nearly collide mid-way.

What does kirito yellow eyes mean?

His eyes turning yellow is just a side effect of the mod. We know this because when he uses the skill at the end of SAOP 006 Asuna says to him “…I felt like your eyes were shining gold.”

Why did kirito lose to Yuuki?

He lost because Yuuki’s latent sword skill is higher than his, and he fought like a game and not like his life depended on it.

Is Alice jealous of asuna?

Alice got jealous of Asuna when Asuna claims that she will be taking care of Kirito-Kun herself, but Alice said that she can take care of Kirito-kun too because she doesn’t like people taking control of Kirito-Kun.

What does kirito mouth at the end of Sao?

Kirito’s piercing glance looked at Aincrad, for a moment he was downcast. His lips moved, whispering a name, but she couldn’t hear it. My guess is it was Sachi’s name.

Can kirito beat Naruto?

Kirito would beat naruto if naruto was in the game because naruto would start as a noob. … And Kirito is just a normal human. If naruto was in the game he would still beat him because he is faster than kirito and his swords would do little damage.

Is kirito dead?

During Kirito’s struggle with Kuradeel, he almost died but it seemed that the bleed rate was slow enough for him to survive. Furthermore, this bleeding may be counteracted by any sort of self-regeneration he may have. When struck by Kayaba, Kirito did not die instantly.

Is Sinon in love with kirito?

Yes, she’s just not as thirsty as Liz, Silica, and Leafa. Every female likes Kirito to an extent. There can only be one waifu (Asuna) but Alice and Sinon are my other best bets. …

Who is kirito’s first love?

SachiIn the web novel, Sachi was Kirito’s first love prior to Asuna. In addition to this, Kirito’s and Sachi’s relationship was depicted as being more intimate, and close in the web novel version of the story.

Why did kirito turn into gleam eyes?

“It seems this world is based on a copy of the Sword Art Online server.” This explains how Kirito can turn into The Gleam Eyes. … While it is not normally accessible by the players, with Yui giving assist, it is possible that she hacked the system a bit and granted access to Kirito to transform into The Gleam Eyes.

Was kirito the strongest in Sao?

Kirito is the strongest charakter, without a doubt! He has the ability to win fights where everyone else would give up and that’s his most powerful skil. Some say Yuuki is stronger than him, I think in their last fight he let her win to give her a nice last memory.

Does kirito revive Sachi?

In her final moments her final words to Kirito were “Thank you, Goodbye.” Kirito became incredibly distressed after this part and looked for a way to resurrect Sachi, but eventually ended in failure. … And thus, Sachi will continue follow Kirito through the fiction known as Strea; almost as a final wish.

Can kirito beat Goku?

Outside the game, Kirito is just a normal human being who would even get beaten by a rookie street thug. If Goku also enters that video game, then Kirito would easily be able to defeat Goku. … So no, Goku still win.

Did kirito cheat on Asuna?

Meanwhile, Kirito has never once entertained any romantic attraction with any of the girls outside of Asuna. … So yeah, he’s not cheating on Asuna nor are his feelings shifting. He’s every bit as loyal to her as she is to him.

Does Kazuto marry Asuna?

To sum up, as of current situation (in both anime and light novel), Kirito and Asuna are not either officialy engaged nor marred IRL. … Lastly, it is as Gsimenas said, we already know what is going to happen in the next arc, and no, there is nothing about them being engaged/married etc.

Did kirito sleep with Sachi?

Sachi and I didn’t have a romantic relationship. We never slept in the same bed together, never cuddled with each other, talk about love or even look at each other.