Quick Answer: Which Means Radiant?

What is a radiant heat system?

Radiant heating systems supply heat directly to the floor or to panels in the wall or ceiling of a house.

The systems depend largely on radiant heat transfer — the delivery of heat directly from the hot surface to the people and objects in the room via infrared radiation..

Is Radiant Energy dangerous?

Radiant heat transmission is deadly. Fire emits electromagnetic radiation that can injure or kill passersby or result in spontaneous combustion of materials. … When these waves hit a combustible material or a person, the radiant energy is absorbed and converted into heat.

What does radiant beauty mean?

adj. 1 sending out rays of light; bright; shining. 2 characterized by health, intense joy, happiness, etc.

Where did the word radiant come from?

Etymology. From Middle French radiant, from Latin radians, radiantis, present participle of radiare (“to emit rays or beams”).

What are two types of radiant energy?

Radiant energy, energy that is transferred by electromagnetic radiation, such as light, X-rays, gamma rays, and thermal radiation, which may be described in terms of either discrete packets of energy, called photons, or continuous electromagnetic waves.

Can a person be radiant?

Someone who is radiant is so happy that their happiness shows in their face. On her wedding day the bride looked truly radiant. Something that is radiant glows brightly.

What does it mean if someone says you look radiant?

Radiant, in a literal sense, means that someone is “radiating beauty.” In other words, you have a healthy glow to your skin. They look reinvigorated, happy, and their skin shines. …

What is the opposite of radiant?

English Synonyms and Antonyms radiant. Antonyms: black, dark, dim, dismal, dusky, gloomy, murky, mysterious, obscure, opaque, sable, shadowy, shady, somber, swart, swarthy. Synonyms: bright, brilliant, clear, crystalline, dazzling, gleaming, glowing, illumined, light, lucid, luminous, shining, transparent, white.

Does radiant mean beautiful?

radiant adjective (HAPPY/BEAUTIFUL) obviously very happy, or very beautiful: He gave a radiant smile when he heard her news.

Is radiant a positive word?

radiant adjective (HAPPY/BEAUTIFUL) obviously very happy, or very beautiful: He gave a radiant smile when he heard her news.

What are 4 types of radiant energy?

Radiant energy is energy contained in electromagnetic waves. These include visible light, infrared, radio waves, ultraviolet and microwaves. Thermal energy, or heat energy, is energy stored in the random molecular motions of substances.

What does radiant energy do?

Radiant energy is the energy of electromagnetic waves. These waves can travel through space. Electromagnetic radiation is made up of tiny particles called photons – think of them as little packets of energy. Light energy is a form of radiant energy that is visible to the human eye.

Which is an example of radiant energy?

Because photons are so small, light energy is often measured in electron volts. Examples of radiant energy include the warmth that radiates from a hot stove and the warmth from direct sunlight. This electromagnetic wave can be seen in figure 1. Not all radiant energy is visible (see figure 2).

What does radiant mean in Valorant?

Radiants are a select group of gifted individuals who gained hypernatural abilities as a result of the First Light event.

What is radiant light?

Radiant lighting is a general descriptor for lighting systems in a home or other building. Since the word “radiant” applies to any emission of electromagnetic or similar elements, all lighting is by definition radiant. … Radiant heating systems use heat in the same basic ways that light sources provide light.

What is a radiant soul?

Who is Radiant Soul? Radiant is a soundboard user, they communicate with sounds with other people and mastered their profession to the point where they can even do this in VR.

What is a sentence for radiant energy?

1 By means of photosynthesis, plants convert the radiant energy of the sun into chemical energy. 2 Solar water heating Harnessing the natural radiant energy of the sun seems an obvious way to cut down on ever-increasing fuel bills. 3 They give off discrete amounts of radiant energy.

What is the meaning of radiant?

1a : radiating rays or reflecting beams of light. b : vividly bright and shining : glowing. 2 : marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness a radiant smile.

What is another word for radiant?

Some common synonyms of radiant are bright, brilliant, luminous, and lustrous. While all these words mean “shining or glowing with light,” radiant stresses the emission or seeming emission of rays of light.

How do you use radiant in a sentence?

He is doing research on radiant intensity.She looked radiant in a white silk dress.She was radiant with joy at her wedding.She was radiant with health.On her wedding day the bride looked truly radiant. … They were both radiant with happiness.She was radiant with joy.The sun was radiant in a clear blue sky.More items…•Dec 29, 2016