Was Killua Abused?

Why is Illumi obsessed with killua?

Illumi is obsessed with Killua because he wants him to follow the same path of becoming an assassin and possibly even becoming better than himself..

Who is stronger than killua?

Chrollo Lucilfer5 Stronger Than Killua: Chrollo Lucilfer Chrollo is, without a doubt, leagues above Killua in terms of skill. Even though Killua is fast, Chrollo was able to keep up with Zeno and Silva Zoldyck both at the same time, so there’s not much that Killua can do to him.

How tall is Zoldyck?

AboutMy RatingRaceHumanBirthdayUnknownAge46Height198 cm12 more rows

Is killua a girl?

Killua is a female from a plot POV.

Who is GON’s mom?

Alicia FreecsHis mother is Alicia Freecs. She was a hunter and she died while exploring the dark continent. She and Ging met shortly after Ging became a hunter. They headed on many wonderful adventures together.

Was Illumi abused?

Illumi takes after her, being abusive and manipulative himself because he doesn’t know right from wrong. He is so used to this behavior, and thinks it’s okay to act like this. … And to tell you the truth, the mother and son’s relationship reminds me of Kikyo and Illumi.

Is killua overpowered?

Killua got a huge powerup with Godspeed and its applications and I think definitely has a lot tricks up with his sleeve with his intelligence. He’s probably right now the strongest among the main 4 in terms of overall power and versatility.

Is Illumi a girl?

AboutMy RatingName (English)Illumi ZoldyckName (Japanese)イルミ=ゾルディック, Irumi ZorudikkuStatusAliveGenderMale12 more rows

Why is killua hair white?

Killua happened to inherit the white hair and therefore his father’s power and transmuter nen type. That’s also why he’s the heir; though he doesn’t want to take over the family business, he has the most potential among his siblings. So basically, he got his dad’s power, which is shown through white hair.

Why is killua sad?

Killua cries because he remembers that his own weakness of fighting with the aim of running away will cause him to leave his best friend, Gon, to die. Killua was born into the famous Zoldyck family of assassins.

Is killua straight?

Nah, he’s bi.

Who abused killua?

Illumi isn’t on the mountain to keep Killua in order which means there’s only one other person who can manipulate Killua back into submission: Silva, the patriarch of the Zoldyck family.

Is Illumi a bad guy?

Illumi Zoldyck is the eldest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck and is one of the main antagonists in the anime series Hunter x Hunter. Illumi currently seems to be the only person that Hisoka claims as his friend, although their relationship is unconventional.

Who is hisoka’s crush?

Hisoka’s attraction to Gon is his motivation on many occasions throughout the show. He has been turned on by Gon and is sexually attracted to him as shown during their match in Heaven’s Arena.

Why does Illumi want to kill Alluka?

Tremendous power, no conception of human suffering, completely amoral. Control him/her and you have the perfect weapon that can be used against cities and nation states. Illumi is power-hungry, control of Alluka/Nonika would allow him to have no practical limitations.

Does kurapika die?

All that were supposed to die have died. But in many of them, it’s says “you will lie next to bloody scarlet eyes”. Eyes don’t hold blood. Kurapika will die.

Is Gon’s hair black?

Gon is a young boy with long spiky black green tipped hair and large, hazel brown eyes. His usual outfit is composed of a green jacket with reddish edges covering a black or white tank top underneath, green short shorts, and green, laced boots.

Who’s stronger killua or kurapika?

Kurapika is much stronger than Killua, and he would also beat Killua in a fight. Kurapika has Steal Chain, which allows him to take someone’s nen ability. Kurapika also has an instant healing chain and his Judgement Chain. Killua simply can’t compete with the enormous gap in their nen experience and knowledge.

Is killua adopted?

They are all adopted except for Killua. No one can pop out three kids in three consecutive years. Kikyo and Silva were getting it on durin those three years, lol.

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