What If Goku Had Frieza?

What if Goku killed Frieza?

If Goku killed Frieza right after turning SSj then they would have all just left in his spaceship and returned to Earth.

Planet Namek would have never exploded and the revived Namekian’s wouldn’t have had to stay on earth or wish for a new planet..

What if Goku died on Namek?

When Goku fights Freiza in SSJ (while Namek is being destroyed) Freiza knocks Goku into the lava. Goku then dies. After that, Goku’s alies then make the wish to bring back to life everyone who was killed by Freiza and his henchmen. That means that Goku is alive once again to defeat Freiza.

What if Goku landed on Naruto?

if goku was sent to the Naruto world as a child, he would extremely likely, just never do anything. he finds a spot in the forest and lives there until Kaguya wins the war and puts him under IT. because without Naruto existing there anymore, T7 would be weaker and dies at the hands of Zabuza and Haku.

Who is the strongest god of destruction?

BeerusBeerus is easily the most powerful of the Gods of Destruction, but there are other gods more powerful than he is.

Does Goku beat Frieza on Namek?

It’s true Goku did blast a powerful beam and destroyed him. But, unfortunately, there were still remains of Frieza and with the technology, Frieza’s army had they had the power to him back together.

Who is Goku most scared of?

Re: Goku’s fears He’s afraid of needles, hunger, and Chi-Chi. “All of you. All of you must have KILL all the SEASONS!” -Dough (Tenshinhan), Speedy Dub of Movie 9.

Can Goku beat first form Frieza?

Goku could not beat first form Frieza (Ginyu Saga)

What if Goku was raised by Beerus?

He would jump straight to Super Saiyan God at first in his Child Form and of course he would learn how to use, sense and tap into Divine Ki at Will. And By the time Lord Beerus wakes up from his 30 year Cat Nap, Goku would master Ultra Instinct by that Time.

Is Frieza scared of Goku?

In general, Frieza is scared of how powerful the Saiyan race is, especially Goku and Vegeta.

What if Frieza came to earth?

Frieza would either destroy the Earth first or find his Army and King Cold first and then destroy Earth. Future Trunks wouldn’t arrive on time. There would be no androids and Dr. Gero would die even sooner. … Frieza would either destroy the Earth first or find his Army and King Cold first and then destroy Earth.

What if Goku was a God?

What if Goku was born with God Ki? He would rival movie Broly at birth. Goku would be trained by Roshi before meeting Krillin as Grandpa Gohan would see the risk of an untrained Goku. He would likely still meet the main cast over time.

What if Goku fought Frieza first?

If Goku was fighting him 1 v 1 from the beginning when Freeza first interrupted them, either nothing changes, or its possible Goku would go Kaioken and kill him in his second form. … and taken over the Earth though he wouldnt have the cells of Freeza and Cold.

Who is Goku’s biggest enemy?

FriezaDragon Ball Super shows that no matter what, Frieza will always be the biggest threat to Goku and Universe 7. Here’s why. Dragon Ball Super proves that Frieza will always be Goku’s greatest enemy.

What is Goku most afraid of?

Goku has faced off with many super powered adversaries throughout the series but there is only one being in the universe that he fears: his overprotective wife Chi Chi.

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