Who Is The Strongest In Class 1a?

Is there a traitor in Class 1a?

One explanation of this theory is that, during the USJ attack, none of the villains knew anything about the quirks of Class 1-A.

This itself dismisses all class 1-A students as traitors because the traitor would be well-versed with the abilities of their classmates and would have mentioned it to the villains..

What is Bakugou’s IQ?

Bakugo. (139.5 Avg.)

Who is Toga’s crush?

After all, it turns out Toga has fallen for Ochaco Uraraka, and fans are happy to hear it.

Is Todoroki dead?

My Hero Academia has revealed how Toya Todoroki was killed in the newest chapter of the series. … Chapter 291 of the series begins with Endeavor’s perspective on the reveal as he thinks back to Toya. He mentions how he used to go up to Sekoto Peak to train, and it was there that Toya had burned to death.

Who is the weakest in Class 1A?

My Hero Academia: The 10 Weakest Students In Class 1-A, Ranked1 Mashirao Ojiro. Ojiro’s quirk is almost completely useless.2 Mezo Shoji. … 3 Koji Koda. … 4 Minoru Mineta. … 5 Tsuyu Asui. … 6 Toru Hagakure. … 7 Kyoka Jiro. … 8 Yuga Aoyama. … More items…•Sep 22, 2020

Who has the best quirk in Class 1A?

My Hero Academia: Top 10 Strongest Class 1-A Members, Ranked3 Izuku Midoriya.4 Tokoyami. … 5 Kirishima. … 6 Sero. … 7 Uraraka. … 8 Sato. Sato’s “Sugar Rush” quirk is formidable. … 9 Kaminari. Kaminar’s electricity is a double edged sword. … 10 Tenya. Tenya’s “Jet” quirk is an innately useful tool. … More items…•Aug 27, 2020

Who is the smartest in Class 1a?

But the fact of the matter is, Mineta is easily one of the smartest students in class 1-A. It’s his intelligence that turns his underwhelming quirk into something impressive.

Does anyone in Class 1a die?

No one dies in this arc.

Who has a crush on DEKU?

9 More Likely: Deku & Ochako Uraraka Likewise, Uraraka has already admitted (to the fans and herself) that she has strong feelings for Deku. It’s pretty clear that this is one of the dominant relationships being pushed.

Why is Uraraka hated?

Uraraka is a very happy and optimistic person, She likes to follow Deku around and talk to him and Iida. People find this annoying as they see only this side, But there’s more to her character, she trying to be a hero to support her family, and wants to be friends with everyone in her class. 2.

Who has died in BNHA?

My Hero Academia: Every Death In The Series (In Chronological Order)1 High-End Nomu: Hood.2 Sir Nighteye. … 3 Sand Hero: Snatch. … 4 Magne. … 5 Water Hoses. … 6 Nana Shimura. … Jan 13, 2021

Who is the strongest student in Class 1A My Hero academia?

MidoriyaThe successor of All Might and the current user of One For All, Midoriya might just be the strongest student from Class 1-A at U.A currently. He has fought some of the most heinous villains during his time at UA, and his capabilities are only improving with time.

Who’s stronger Bakugo or Todoroki?

Well-Known Member. Todoroki’s quirk is stronger but Bakugo is a better fighter, and has been training to beat Shoto after realizing he was weaker than him in the first practical exam.

Who married Bakugo?

Eijiro Kirishima3 Katsuki Bakugo & Eijiro Kirishima.

Who is the prettiest girl in my hero academia?

Most Beautiful MHA Girl!Momo Yaoyorozu. 33.8%Camie Utsushimi. 5.0%Himiko Toga. 20.0%Kendo Itsuka. 16.3%Nejire Hado. 24.9%Feb 3, 2019

Who is the strongest girl in Class 1A?

Ochako UrarakaStrongest Girl in class 1A is Ochako Uraraka.

Is DEKU a girl?

Deku was born a female. Her father wasn’t to proud of that so… Well, as hero-in-training Deku was patrolling.

Who is the youngest class 1 a student?

Ranked by oldest to youngest.Katsuki Bakugo : April 20.Mashirao Ojiro : May 28.Yuga Aoyama : May 30.Toru Hagakure : June 16.Rikido Sato : June 19.Denki Kaminari : June 29.Izuku Midoriya : July 15.Hanta Sero : July 28.More items…

How old is DEKU now?

16 years oldIzuku Midoriya or Deku is currently 16 years old. He was born on July 15, and his Zodiac sign is Cancer.

Who has the best grade in Class 1?

Plus Ultra! Ranking Class 1-A of ‘My Hero Academia’8) Eijiro Kirishima. … 7) Tenya Iida. … 6) Katsuki Bakugo. … 5) Fumikage Tokayami. … 4) Ochako Uraraka. … 3) Tsuya Asui. … 2) Shoto Todoroki. … 1) Izuku Midoriya. The growth of Midoriya throughout the last three-and-a-half seasons of My Hero Academia has been tremendous.More items…•Jan 31, 2020

Who is the strongest girl in anime?

The 10 Strongest Female Anime CharactersBulma (Dragon Ball Z) Amazon. … Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) Funimation. … Clare (Claymore) Funimation. … Tatsumaki (One Punch Man) Amazon. … Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z) Amazon. … Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live) Amazon. … Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill) Funimation. … Shiro (Deadman Wonderland) Amazon.More items…