Who Killed Chiaki Nanami?

Who did Chiaki Nanami kill?

NagitoChiaki was revealed to have been the culprit in the fifth chapter.

In an attempt to stop a fire, Chiaki accidentally killed Nagito, due to his efforts to reveal the traitor.

Chiaki told Hajime that she was the traitor and he was forced to prove this to everyone..

Why did Junko kill herself?

her despair was to create hope for others. By executing herself, she was not only able to give hope to everyone, but also created despair for herself by creating that hope for everyone else. Thus the swirly despair-eyes we see at the end of Episode 13 from Junko Enoshima.

Did Sayaka have crush on Makoto?

Makoto Naegi Before the events of the first game, Sayaka and Makoto went to the same middle school but never talked to each other due to being in different social circles. However, she became interested in Makoto after seeing him nurse an injured crane when it got lost and stuck in the pool at their school.

Is Chiaki a Mary Sue?

After reviewing the evidence and points discussed, it seems as though the conclusion is that Chiaki Nanami is not a Mary-Sue. While she may have passed one trait of bein a Mary-She, she did not meet the other qualifications.

Is Komaeda dead?

After being brainwashed by Junko Enoshima, Nagito and his classmates succumbed to despair and became part of Ultimate Despair. … After discovering the horrible truth behind the Neo World Program in Danganronpa 2, Nagito sacrificed himself in order to kill the Remnants of Despair.

Who is Junko’s crush?

Yasuke MatsudaJunko actually is capable of having affectionate feelings for others, such as her childhood friend and crush Yasuke Matsuda and her own sister. However, this only feeds into her love of despair, killing them in a manner to make herself as well as the victims she actually cared for feel extreme despair.

What happened to the real Chiaki?

Chiaki is alive and herself, somewhere. Some say she could be the missing head of the 13th branch of FF, and the ultimate therapist programmed her into the system without putting her actual mind into the program.

How was Chiaki the traitor?

In Chapter 5 of Danganronpa 2, it’s revealed that Chiaki is an AI created by Alter Ego alongside Usami as the Observer of the Neo World Program. She revealed her identity as the traitor of the group in the fifth trial to save the students from being executed for voting the wrong culprit.

How old is Chiaki Nanami when she died?

Chiaki NanamiHeight160cmage18(17 in Despair arc) 3(activation)StatusDeceasedYear of ActivationMarch 14th, 20095 more rows•May 21, 2020

Who is Nagito in love with?

HajimeIt is revealed that Nagito’s feelings for Hajime are romantic in nature.

Who is Hajime Hinata’s boyfriend?

Nagito Komaeda StickerChiaki Nanami and her boyfriend Hajime Hinata and his boyfriend Nagito Komaeda Sticker.

How does Chiaki Nanami die?

Chisa reaches out for Chiaki but she only happens to be an illusion; instead a spear fired and went through Chiaki’s body. Simultaneously a bed of spikes appear around her, catching her as she fell. Unlike other executions, it does not end in her immediate death, allowing Izuru Kamukura to talk to her briefly.

Why did Junko kill Chiaki?

Junko Enoshima Junko was actually the one who executed Chiaki. Her initial plan was to let Chiaki watch the Despair video, but upon realizing how much Class 77-B loved her, she decided to kill Chiaki in order to throw them all into despair.

Did Junko kill her sister?

However, on a whim, Junko decided to kill her sister for real and Mukuro was brutally impaled by Monokuma with numerous spears, dubbed “Heavenly Spear, Gungnir”.

Did Chiaki like Hajime?

It is implied that the two of them had romantic feelings for each other, as they often blush when coming in contact with each other. Chiaki once comforted Hajime after he felt upset about not having a talent. She told him that there’s more to life than talent and that making memories with people is more important.

Is Chiaki Nanami real?

2’s version is an AI coded into the simulation, and 3’s version is her real world counterpart. This is important because it seems to be overlooked by a lot of people. Chiaki was a student in Class 77-B, and was known as the Ultimate Gamer.

What does Gundham call Sonia?

However, Sonia commented that her blood would not be able to be used as the entrance fee. Gundham refers to her as “she-cat” or “Dark queen,” and he refers to everyone else as Kisama (a polite version to say ‘you’, or alternatively suggests contempt) in the Japanese version.

Does Peko like Fuyuhiko?

As Ultimate Despairs, Fuyuhiko and Peko still remain close.